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Éric Texier 'Chat Fou' Rosé 2015

Éric Texier 'Chat Fou' Rosé 2015

Eric Texier Chat Fou Rosé 2015

Wine: Éric Texier
Vintage: 2015
Country: France
Region: Côtes du Rhône
Grapes:  Cinsaut
Vines: Organic
Production: Medium
Price: $18

I have a somewhat dubious motivation for writing this post. Yes, I absolutely LOVE this wine and yes, Texier is as about as rebel badass winemaker as they come. But also, chat fou. "Crazy cat" in English, of which I have one, named Alice. The photo shoot with Alice and the bottle of Éric Texier rosé is so freaking adorable I don't believe the world can possibly go on without it seeing it.

First, the wine.  

Éric Texier doesn't mince words, judging by this interview my friend Sophie Thorpe wrote for the Berry Bros. & Rudd blog. His grape growing and winemaking practices could easily land him in the naturalist camp, but he resists that, which is well documented in the aforementioned article.  He's his own man.  

Texier was not born into a winemaking family, as are so many French vignerons. He first had a career as a nuclear physicist before learning to make wine, which he did from reading, visiting winemakers and eventually apprenticing alongside them. Instead of buying land, planting vines and building a winery, all of which requires significant financial investment, he began as a negoce. He buys grapes from little plots off the beaten path, many of which have never seen fertilizer or chemical applications, which is almost unheard of. His fame is due in part for his discovery of forgotten spots like Brézème in the Northern Côtes du Rhône, and helped to put other Rhône vineyards within St-Julien en St-Alban on the wine map. 

He takes a very minimalist approach in the winery, allowing the wines to "make themselves" and express their truest sense of time and place. Texier makes a handful of red and white wines and, of course, this crazy yummy rosé. Yes, summer is officially over and yes, this wine is pretty much sold out for the vintage, and yes, that kinda makes me a jerk for even telling you about it, but it's one of the few distinctly interesting pinks I've had all summer. Something writer and travel editor for Southern Living magazine Hannah Hayes and I talked about in the very first episode of Pig&Vine Radio. And it's one we should all look for next spring. In the meantime, there are many others in the Texier book to explore.

Also, Alice. 

This is what a photo shoot with Alice looks like. How does one get her cat a modeling career? 

Éric Texier 'Chat Fou' Rosé 2015

Pale pink in color with some light copper tints. It's immediately interesting on the nose, with  red fruit and orange citrus notes. More of the same on the palate with some subtle oxidative qualities mingling with mineral tones and great acidity. I wish I'd bought a few more bottles when I had the chance. Ironically, I'd been eyeing and ignoring the case stack at Keife & Co. all summer before I finally brought a bottle home. Guess that makes me the chat fou

If you can find a bottle for yourself, get it! 

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