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Domaine de la Petite Mairie Rosé

Domaine de la Petite Mairie Rosé

Domaine de la Petite Mairie Bourgeuiel rose 2014

Wine: Domaine de la Petite Mairie
Vintage: 2014
Country: France
Region: Bourgueil
Grapes: Cabernet Franc
Vines: sustainable
Production: Small

Bourgueil [bor guh’y] is one of my favorite Loire Valley wines. For one, it's fun to say, once you know how. And two, it is where one finds the purest, most elegant and expressive representations of the cabernet franc grape, with a combination of heft, nuance and distinction. Domaine de la Petite Mairie is run by James Petite and his wife Corinne, where they make three wines in very small amounts. Here, we have the rosé from 2014, an exceptional year. The weather has warmed to an average of 72 degrees here in New Orleans these past few days, and pink wine was the perfect match.

I rarely copy my notes verbatim, but these amuse me.

"Gorgeous - strawberry, watermelon candy, bell pepper and herbs on the palate, beautiful and long, long finish. Adore!

vintage + cab franc + Loire = Heaven."

I'll amend that to say, lovely minerality expressive of the region's terroir, dry and crisp and, apologies I drank it down before photographing the bottle, a beautiful pale pink color. It's versatile and rare. A mere 200 cases are allocated to the United States.

Early this summer, I wrote about a 2014 M. Plouzeau Chinon rosé, also made from 100% Loire Valley cabernet franc and also incredibly delicious. I'd discovered that wine on a road trip through Austin, Houston and New Orleans. A few weeks later, Plouzeau's Alabama distributor turned up a few bottles of the 2012 Chinon rosé  and we at The Carriage Wine and Market in Florence, with whom I run the monthly subscription Vine Club, snatched them up. What an experience.

Pierre Chermette Beaujolais 2014

Pierre Chermette Beaujolais 2014

Carbonic Maceration (n.) Winemaking Term

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