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Goodbye 2015 & Hello 2016!

Goodbye 2015 & Hello 2016!

2016 Lead Image
2016 Lead Image

My knees are buckling under the weight of expectations to write something incredibly poignant today. Such is the pressure of a narrowly defined starting point. But I'll play along and declare 2016 the Year of Action, though 2015 was fairly active itself. I've also declared 2016 the Year of 40. Technically, I'm 39 for another 5 and a half months, but it's a milestone I'm eager to reach and impatient as hell, so there you go. The past 12 months have been incredible; I started a super successful wine club collaboration with The Carriage Wine and Market in Florence, Ala.; upped my blogging game to three posts a week and initiated a Wine Words series; made a life-changing road trip through Austin, Houston and New Orleans; drank some life-affirming wines; discovered why it's a bad idea to drink cold rosé in a can without first "decanting"; and I moved to New Orleans. New Orleans! In celebration of an awesome year, I'm sharing the ten most popular posts of 2015 below. 

No rest for the weary! I've got big plans for 2016, including a new website, an eBook, and an online wine course, all of which will launch early this year (there are certain goals to reach before 40. Yes, I'm hung up on age. Yes, I'm a master procrastinator). They'll be new features introduced on Pig&Vine, like interviews with winemakers, experts and industry professionals. I'm planning a bit of travel as well, to get my hands back into the vineyard soil. It's been too long. On March 12, I will participate in the first ever Florence Wine Fest in Florence, Alabama. It's going to be grand. If you've never been to that part of the world, start planning your trip. And I expect to continue eating exceptionally well as I make my way through all this magical city has to offer. This a tall order, I realize, and what better way to hold yourself accountable than to announce your ambitions to the world. Shoot for the moon! After all, failure is far more poignant when it's public

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Top Ten Posts of 2015

Domaine de l'Enchantoir Saumur Blanc - get greedy and pour some vinous gold down your gullet

Domaine Beauséjour Les Grenettes Sauvignon Blanc - the sav blanc that changed my mind about sav blancs

To The Oyster - where I wax poetic about my love for the oyster 

Austin to Houston to New Orleans - summer road trip that affirmed the desire for a move to NOLA 

Domaine Les Aphillanthes Côtes du Rhône rosé - P.S. I found the red, drank it down last week, it's a winner

Blackberry Farm Summer & Classic Saison - after interviewing brewer Roy Milner for a client's blog, I was inspired to seek out these brews that drink like wine

Appellation (n.) Place Designation - the first Wine Word

Santo Winery Assyrtiko, Santorini - Opa!

Champagne Vilmart & Cie Brut 2007 - bittersweet goodbyes

New Orleans Two-Week Anniversary - new digs, favorite spots, great wine



Broc Cellars Sogi 2013

Broc Cellars Sogi 2013

Destemmed (n.) Winemaking Term

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