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Domaines Les Aphillanthes CdR Plan de Dieu 2012

Domaines Les Aphillanthes CdR Plan de Dieu 2012

Domaines Les Aphillanthes CdR Plan de Dieu

Wine: Domaine Les Aphillanthes Cuvée des Galets
Vintage: 2012
Country: France
Region: Côtes du Rhône-Villages Plan de Dieu
Grapes: Grenache, Syrah
Vines: Biodynamic
Production: Small

I wrote about the Aphillanthes rosé this past July, when my youngest sister, her husband, and their new baby - my wonderful, smart, beautiful, loving niece - traveled from their home in Prague, Czech Republic, to Alabama for a few weeks. I loved that rosé and wrote that I needed to find some of the domaine's prized reds ASAP. This one came from Keife & Co. here in New Orleans. If I remember correctly, I bought the rosé at Bin 428 on Magazine Street when I visited Nola in June. 

Husband and wife team Daniel and Helene Boulle make small lots of Côtes du Rhône wines from their certified biodynamic and organic vineyards near Travaillon in the Southern Rhône. The wines are of exceptional quality (in a  market packed with CdRs that garner a 'Meh' reaction at best) with complexity and heft - they all weigh in at 14% and 14.5% alcohol, which is 2% over the legal minimum. This cuvée comes from the Plan de Dieu commune, one of 18 allowed to append their name to the higher quality CdR wine, Côtes du Rhône-Villages.

The Domaines Les Aphillanthes Côtes du Rhône-Villages Plan de Dieu 2012 is a deep ruby color with shades of purple and blackberry and ripe fig notes on the nose. Fruity and sumptuous on the palate with silky tannins, stone and a long finish. A rich wine with a lot to give that will appeal to those looking for a bold weeknight experience. 

Grenache (n.) Grape variety

La Zorra Rufete-Aragonés 2013

La Zorra Rufete-Aragonés 2013

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