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Daniel Largeot Chorley-lès-Beaune "Les Beaumonts" 2011

Daniel Largeot Chorley-lès-Beaune "Les Beaumonts" 2011

Wine: Daniel Largeot "Les Beaumonts" 
Vintage: 2011
Country: France
Region: Chorley-lès-Beaune, Burgundy
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Vines: Sustainable
Production: Tiny
Price:  $25

I don't write about many red Burgundies because they have mostly been priced out of my usual drinking range. Of course there are AOC Bourgogne Rouge generally found around the $20 mark, and some of those can be delicious, but they don't typically carry the nuance and elegance found in better vineyards and more specific climats. Chorley-lès-Beaune isn't a particularly prominent area, situated outside the town of Beaune on flat vineyard land, where it would be quite easy to make a mediocre wine. But of course you know I'm not going to write about a mediocre wine. 

Daniel Largeot established his domaine in the 1960s. Today, his daughter and son-in-law run the show, he in the vineyards and she at the winemaking helm. Their production is ridiculously tiny at roughly 170 cases of the "Les Beaumonts." They make one other pinot noir as well, at just over 200 cases. I'm surprised to have found this at all. 

I found the Daniel Largeot Chorley-lès-Beaune 2011 to be expressive and pure with black cherry notes on the nose and palate, a smokiness when first opened and a smooth, elegant palate with soft tannins and juicy profile. It continued to open as the bottle went down, with subtle game highlights intermixed with fruit. Truly delicious. 

André Tamers of De Maison Selections

André Tamers of De Maison Selections

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