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The Wine Writer is on Hiatus

The Wine Writer is on Hiatus

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To my regular subscribers, I apologize for ghosting you. It's not nice, and maybe a little immature. But I know you are as inundated with content from every which way, as am I, and thought you might not notice, or at least not be angry with me for not writing. I didn't want to spam your inbox with half-assed blog posts just to prove I can hit "publish" once a week. See? I was thinking of you all along.

I ran into a reader last night who I didn't realize was a devoted reader. I mean, she wasn't my mother (who may not be as dedicated as she once was), so it was nice to hear. Except that she called me out on my radio silence. "You've haven't posted in awhile," she said. "Like, six, eight weeks." She's a savvy marketing professional and no doubt notices such things without trying. I told her what I've been up to and that my heart isn't into Pig&Vine lately. She nodded with understanding. Still, she suggested, I might send a note to my loyal readers. It's certainly the polite thing to do.

I've written in the last several months that I had mono. It showed up in January and stuck around for a solid five months...there are still lingering symptoms, though thankfully I am long past the contagious stage and the fatigue issue appears to be resolved. I hope. My palate, however, is still a bit wonky. Wine doesn't taste as good to me as it once did. I'm sure that will also resolve itself with time. Meanwhile, let's just say that things have sort of plateaued in the vinous boudoir. Maybe we need a long weekend in some Loire Valley vineyards to re-ignite the spark. Any offers??   

I heard a quote today from a guru marketer creator type - you know they're everywhere these days. He said, "Write what interests you." This is a departure from the usual creative compass, write what you know. I know wine. And I still like it, though I've greatly reduced my intake because I'm trying to get super healthy and kick this stupid sophomoric disease. And lose weight, while I'm at it. Wish me luck. 

I'm working on something entirely new and very exciting for me. It's still in the early to middle stages, but it's coming together nicely, and I'm having a blast with it. It's got me by the heart! And since there are only so many hours in the day and only so much brain power I can devote to stringing words together in a meaningful way, I have to choose my art projects carefully. I can't do it all, and right now, Pig&Vine is on the back burner.

This isn't goodbye forever, but I need to take some time to explore this other desire. I hope you understand. And if you'd like to hear from me about this new project, when I'm ready to share, shoot me an email and let me know. It has nothing to do with wine, but you might dig it. Who knows? Certainly, you too have many interests beyond drinking? I'll tell you more in a few weeks, if you wish...


P&V Radio: Kelly Fields & Biggio Hamina Sunnyside Riesling

P&V Radio: Kelly Fields & Biggio Hamina Sunnyside Riesling

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