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I'm Amy and I am a blogger. 

I also host the podcast Pig&Vine Radio, available on iTunes and at

Wine is my platform, curiosity my guiding principal. 

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P&V Radio: A Podcast with Wine

P&V Radio: A Podcast with Wine

Pig&Vine Radio The Wine Podcast

I've thought about making a podcast for at least a couple years, and as with so many of my genius ideas, I mostly thought about it and talked about it but took no action. The stall was due partly because I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what I wanted it to be and how it would work. I definitely wanted it to be conversational, and about wine, two of my favorite things. But I have so many other interests, too, like music, art, books, philosophy, food, what it means to be human...Not necessarily in that order. Is that too many things?! Isn’t that the opposite of what theyyy tell us to do? Aren’t we supposed to niche down to the tiniest niche we can find, then become a master nicher of the niche? 

Whatever. Finger to the gatekeepers, and in my best Veruca Salt imitation, "I want all the things and I want them now!" 

Finally, early this summer, the idea began to form into something that made sense. I tried it out on a few folks, many of whom know me well and many of whom I’d just met, and the enthusiasm and support were too much for even me to think, Oh they’re just being nice.

So here we are, for your listening pleasure. 

p&v Radio

Pig & Vine Radio is a podcast about wine, and wine in conversation. Each episode features a guest, for whom I select a wine to share. Maybe by flavor profile or a request they make or because a certain wine reminds me of my guest’s personality, depending on how far I want to take the personification of a liquid. Some of my guests are going to be in the wine business, but most of them are not.

My guests will include writers, photographers, chefs, musicians, craftsman, entrepreneurs and anyone else I want to talk to and drink with; folks with an interesting story who are doing interesting things and have interesting things to say. That's basically my criteria for the show. There's definitely going to be some wine chat and you might even pick up a tidbit of useful info here and there, as well as a new wine or region to try. But we're also talking about my guest's personal wine experience, favorite eats, craft, life story, deepest get my drift. It's all happening while we drink the wine.  

Think of it as Terry Gross meets Krista Tippett meets David Letterman, with wine. I’m being modest, but so far my guests and I have had a blast making these podcasts. Duh, we’re drinking wine! I hope you will check it out and enjoy it as well. 

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Hiking Rockpile with Clay Mauritson

Hiking Rockpile with Clay Mauritson

Torii Mor Pinot Blanc 2014

Torii Mor Pinot Blanc 2014

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